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Kief Infused
Sit back and relax.  We've done all the work for you! For Discerning Consumers wanting Hand Crafted Strain-Specific Pre-Rolls from our Sustainable Small-Batch Farm. Dutch Caliber Pre-Rolls offer Big Margins, Lower Overhead, and Focuses your staff on education and selling rather than production, packaging, and manufacturing. Get ready for sales to fly!

  • Each Stick is Strain Specific Flower Kissed with Kief
  • No fillers, No junk, No slush
  • Hand Crafted for even distribution and maximize precious Terpenes and THC
  • Packed using sound vibration technology to achieve a slow consistent burn
  • Rolled with organic hemp, unbleached, natural paper including a filter

Ultra Filtered Kief

Golden Kief is one of the top products sold in stores, hand crafted to retain all of the terpene flavor and THC of the live plant. You just have to smell the aromas of this super potent pollen yourself! So your customers want to do something extra special, but aren’t sure what exactly would be the best way to use Golden Kief. Or maybe you’re customers are ready to branch out and try something new. Whatever your scenario, when you try one of the ideas you’ll be flying high, floating your way through the kief cosmos.

Best 5 things to do with Kief
  • Make a Kief Blast in your Pipe
  • Vape It
  • Make Kief Butter or Oil for Cooking
  • Spice up your morning Coffee or Tea
  • Create your own Hash

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Dry Caviar
Fly High with this amazing new solventless product made from our best products. Dry Caviar is unparalleled terpene sophistication. Cannabis-based terpene blends are the newest rage for symptoms of 
anxiety, insomnia, and pain.

About our Infusions
  • Our Dry Caviars come in Pain Relief or Sleep Aid and Anxiety Relief Variety.
  • Our flavor profiles are a specific hand crafted combination that enhance the terpene profiles to create a more potent experience
  • The most concentrated terpenes are found in freshly dried and cured buds and high quality kief. It's the ONLY 2 things our Natural Infused Flower are made from.
  • NO OIL means Larger Stickier bud and kief 
  • Longer shelf life (although you won't need it!) 
  • All of our products are packaged in 1 gram containers full packaged with all required labeling.