Fully Organic Marijuana Cultivation
Recreational Cultivation Wholesalers
The Highest Caliber is Dutch Caliber
  1. Trim
    We offer the highest quality indoor frosty larf and trim in the market. Sought after for high terpene profiles, our Trim makes unbelievable concentrates.
  2. Fresh Frozen Whole Plant Raw Material
    Fresh Frozen Whole Plant Raw Material
    Processors looking for Fully Organic Fresh Frozen Whole Plant Material for processing should look no further. Orders can be placed within 1 week of harvest, and product is frozen to your specifications.
  3. Fully Organic Probiotically Grown Clones
    Fully Organic Probiotically Grown Clones
    Our clones are strong and healthy. Clones are available by Personalized Orders and can be delivered as soon as 2 weeks.
For Colorado inquiries on the wholesale price of cannabis, please contact us.
We only sell to licensed retail dispensaries located in Colorado
Dutch Caliber is one of Colorados leading Retail Cultivation Facilities for flower, larf & trim, Kief Infused Pre-Rolls, Kief, Dry Caviar,  Fresh Frozen Whole Plant Material, and Probiotically Gorwn Clones. Our fully licensed, state of the art indoor facility, and meticulous growers produces top quality product that your clients will request again and again. Our plants are grown Fully Organic. Our team's constant focus on production process improvement ensures that all wholesale clients receive the absolute best quality we can produce.
Delivering High Caliber Bud
Dutch Caliber